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By Swami Anand Shiva Miki Takashi
2001. 12. 24 in Goa, India

My message is simple.

Love & Peace Revolution. Eternal Peace Transformation of the World.
We can and are changing the World Right Now, Right Here.

You are not Alone.

Sure the present world situation is absolutely Wrong.
Your judgement is 100% Right.
Yes, I repeat, You are Right and The world is Wrong.

You don’t need to be afraid of your own vision hidden deep in your heart.
I happily declare that You have many friends and comrades all over the world. You can trust your vision deep in your heart. It’s now right time to express, committee and actualize your vision.

The only thing we need is to be connected, networked and united throughout the planet for changing the world. We call this transformation the Love&Peace Revolution, my fellow visionaries.
When we are networked systematically, strategically with the heart of love, peace, joy, laughter, playfulness, creativity, we have enough resources, we have enough power, we have enough information, knowledge, technology, wisdom, we have ,of course, enough money and productability to overcome the present ecno-socio-politico world system and transform it into more abundant world in both materialistically and spiritually.

We invent many new business projects all over the world.

There are no exploitation, no unfairness, no cheating, no politics, no zero-sum game in these new business (I will explain in detail in another pages which is under construction. So pleas be a little patient, my friends) now we are producing.
There are sharing, cooperation, win-win relation, open and fair in return.

Our way of new business is more productive than the present ones.
For our businesses are accord with the essence of Internet.
And you know, Internet is the most important factor of the present world shifting to the totally new world. Internet have broken the existing walls of the world in every fields entirely and liberating and being liberated the flows of information thourough the whole world. This impact is huge. We are now entering into entirely New World. The networks of networks society. The deepest meaning of this sift is liberate human beings from his/her belonging to certain networks to which have been forced to belong by birth, region, education, social class, nation, race, religion, to say simple, conditionings without personal willingness into the center of many networks of that which he/her is willingly to choose. The individual becomes the center of universe from the one part of the exiting network which he/her had belonged to.

Our victory is 100% certain. For we just ride on the wave of the historical inevitable shift that has began with the birth of Internet.

So join us right now and be networked with the liberated, liberating people all over the world.

First step

Join the Wombat lovers ML.

This is the open-free space your friends gather to exchange their ideas, wisdom, information, plans, project and just love, joy, laughter with ecstatic creativity, yes, in short, your real true friends are waiting for your coming home. LOL.

Step Two

Check Wombat .
Wombat Home Page
Send your feed-back, you idea, your information, your support, your will to the mailing list, and make it realized as you like with the friends who support you with 100% trust.

There are only Two Steps. grin.

It’s so simple and this is the most powerful way to make new business, which means,
To make your dream come true
Make a money supplying system
It is the most waited thing by the world economy system, in which money circulation has been stuck. For this is the main problem which has caused all of the world economy’s problems.

Ok, now is the time to be your turn.
Good Luck, my soul brothers and sisters on the planet.

I once again declare joyously and triumphantly that

If We Want It, The World is Transformed Now!

Hare Krishna
Love, Laughter, Joy, Creativity for the New World coming
Now and Now and Now.

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